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Intensive Summer Course - 2018

Portuguese Language Intensive Course - Level A1 (beginner)


Designed to all those who have never formally learnt the language and who do not possess any knowledge of the target-language. At this level, it is desirable that the student acquires skills which will allow him/her to understand and use familiar and everyday expressions aiming at satisfying tangible and immediate necessities. The student will be able to communicate, in a simple manner, with a cooperative interlocutor. 


From the 20th of August to the 7th of September 2018


Until the 10th of July 2018

How to apply:

Send the application form and a copy of the identification document by e-mail, to ple@ubi.pt.



Course fee - 200€

Administrative fees - 40€


Cultural and leisure activities

21st of August – Field trip (14h30)

25th of August – Field trip (14h30)

31st of August –International picnic (16h00)

4th of September – Field trip (14h30)


Summer Intensive Course participants can find accommodation in the university´s residence.

Single Room:

Check In: 19th August 2018

Check Out: 08th September2018

Total Cost: 147€

Extra Day: 24€ per day


Double Room:

Check In: 19th August  2018

Check Out: 08th September 2018

Total Cost: 110€ per person

Extra Day: 12€ per person/daily

Regulation Of The Halls Of Residence


Keys delivery:

At the reception of Central Library (google maps) - open 24h.

Contact for information and reservation: alojamentogrp@ubi.pt